Offering Immigration Services

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the practice and the amount of technical information provided, there is a consultation fee for this service only.  We offer unbundled immigration services, meaning that you may have to pay only a small fraction of what large immigration firms charge.

We know that the immigration process can be challenging, confusing and sometimes discouraging. We here at Ken Lawson Law are dedicated to being your immigration champion and easing the stress and discouragement you may be facing with your immigration attempt. 

Applications For Status

Whether you came into the U.S. documented or undocumented, you may have circumstances that permit an adjustment of status, lawful permanent residence status or citizenship. If you meet the qualifications for a family-based petition, we can help.

In these situations, you need an attorney who cares to ensure your best likelihood of approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few answers to frequently asked questions to help you understand your options. If you can’t find the answer to your question below, contact us and we’ll show you how we can be your immigration champion.

When do I need an attorney?

You are taking a big risk if you petition for adjustment of status or family petition if you came to the US without a visa or overstayed your visa if you apply without an attorney.  Immigration law is complex and the simplest mistake may cause it to be denied.  Also, overcoming the burden of proof in those situations is likewise very technical and failure could result in removal proceedings, you should not attempt this without a competent attorney assisting you with your case. Spanish services, notaries, or organizations are not qualified to represent or speak for you. You should seek the counsel of an attorney immediately upon any of the above incidents.

How do I choose an attorney?

This may be a difficult question to answer. Many referral services list attorneys according to their paid subscription. Additionally, the quality of services provided is unique to the individual, so they may vary greatly. The best way is to be referred by someone you trust who has experience working with that attorney. You want an attorney who has long legal experience and demonstrates the ability to be aggressive, but who will also communicate well with you the client.

Do I really need an attorney?

Many organizations and notary publics advertise services to Latinos. In their home countries, these may be actual attorneys or qualified individuals, but not here in the U.S. In Tennessee, it is illegal for them to provide legal advice or charge fees for legal services. It is imperative to find an attorney in good standing with the state.

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