Is divorce mediation right for me?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2019 | Family Law |

Divorce mediation offers numerous benefits to married couples in Tennessee. This process allows both parties to come to terms on things like custody and property division with the assistance of an unbiased mediator. However, there are some circumstances where mediation would not be the best fit, as explained by Lifehacker.

While you can have the assistance of a lawyer during meditation, you will be responsible for negotiating with your ex. This can be difficult for some people depending on the nature of their marriages and what led to the breakup. For example, people in abusive or contentious relationships may be swayed by the demands of their ex, which can cause poor decision-making. With mediation, it’s important to look at the situation from the other party’s perspective, and in some relationships, this is impossible to accomplish.

While mediation can be less complex than divorce, the process does take a bit of time because both sides must work to find a reasonable resolution to their issues. With things like child custody arrangements, finding a solution that works for both people, as well as the child in question, is not always cut and dry. As a result, people who want an expedited divorce process may want to go the traditional route.

Most of all, couples going through mediation must regard each other with mutual respect and understanding. This is integral to negotiating delicate family issues, as well as deciding who gets what in terms of property and assets. If you or your spouse has a lot of anger or resentment about the separation, chances are the mediation process won’t be very beneficial. You’ll need to spend a great deal of time with this person hashing out the details, and when bad feelings persist the process may end up going nowhere.