Guiding You Through Mediation

Whether you have already filed for divorce or been served with a lawsuit – or even you know it is coming – the mediation services of Ken Lawson Law are available for you. Ideally, you will seek mediation services before you engage in court action, thereby saving yourselves potentially thousands of dollars in attorney fees. Whether you contemplate mediation before or during a court case, you may have many questions. The most common follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process in which a professionally trained mediator leads a discussion to find ways to resolve the dispute without the necessity and uncertainty of a trial in court.

Who are mediators?

Mediators are professionally trained neutrals and the best mediators generally are attorneys, although people may choose anyone they wish to serve as a mediator.

What is the mediation process like?

There are two types of mediators: shuttle and collaborative. Shuttle mediation has the parties sitting in different rooms and the mediators go back and forth between them, hammering out a deal, if possible. Collaborative mediation involves all of the parties plus the mediator in the same room and discussions lead toward resolution.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of shuttle mediation?

The advantage is it takes much less time to reach an agreement and is easier for the mediator. Taking less time means it is cheaper. The disadvantages are that people are pressured to compromise and the weaker side does most of the giving-in, and any agreement reached is more likely to fail with time. Many attorneys learn collaborative mediation but slowly return to the shuttle approach.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of collaborative mediation?

The advantages are that it allows for more input and requires the parties to work together to find a resolution that protects both of their interests and needs. The focus is not on compromise but finding solutions that protect each of their concerns. Collaborative mediation is the type endorsed by the American Bar Association, and only the best attorney mediators have mastered the techniques for the process. The disadvantages are that it typically takes longer and, therefore, costs more. However, the agreements reached usually last much longer and the people are more satisfied with the result.

Find Out If Mediation Is The Right Process For You

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