Helping Parents With Child Support Issues

In the aftermath of a divorce or separation, doing what is best for your child is paramount. Even as a non-custodial parent, you have an obligation to continue to support your child. When there is a discrepancy in a support arrangement – either by paying too little or too much – matters can quickly escalate to legal action.

Our attorney works with Chattanooga parents as they navigate complex child support issues. At Ken Lawson Law, we understand the unique importance of a fair child support arrangement, and we do everything we can to help our clients resolve potential problems.

How Tennessee Calculates Child Support

It is critical that both parents have a firm understanding of how the court determines child support. Payments are subjective, and the court will often weigh many factors prior to arriving at a figure. These considerations can include:

  • Wages and salaries
  • Commissions and bonuses
  • Capital gains
  • Retirement accounts
  • Additional sources of income

Tennessee mandates a minimum payment of $100 a month. By looking at the full financial landscape for both parents, the court will aim to arrive at the fairest payment plan possible. Sometimes, however, financial situations change, and when you need a modification, the services of a family law attorney can greatly help.

What Happens When Obligations Are Not Met?

When a non-custodial parent does not pay child support, they are in violation of state law. The consequences for a failure to meet these obligations can include:

  • Loss of your driver’s license
  • Property liens
  • Seizure of federal or state tax refunds
  • Forfeiture of bank assets

If you are not receiving the child support that you deserve, it is prudent to consult with an attorney. An experienced lawyer such as ours can help you fight for the financial support that your child needs.

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