Preparing kids to live in two homes after divorce

On Behalf of | May 2, 2019 | Family Law |

When a couple in Tennessee separates or divorces, the children deal with a life turned upside down. Even if parents split custody, the child is going to be living in two different homes when they are used to one. They may have a new school, new friends and new adults coming in and out of the house regularly. Parents can minimize the damage that is done to kids in this situation by preparing kids to live in two homes.

According to Parents Magazine, one way to help a child is to let them have a say in their new environment. Allow them to choose their own decorating scheme or furnishings for their room. Even something as simple as picking out their own sheets or paint color can make them excited about the new room.

When a divorce is ugly, parents often feel the urge to compete or become the favorite of the children. It is encouraged that parents avoid this temptation in the best interest of their children. It is not the time to completely change a child’s life to one-up the other parent, because they need as much consistency as possible.

Family Education suggests that families create a calendar with their children that includes any major activities and highlights. This calendar should also specify when the child will be with each parent, so they know exactly what to expect and when.

Finally, parents may want to help kids pick a special object they get to take to both houses. This gives them comfort and allows them to feel a small piece of home in both places. Some examples are special blankets or stuffed animals. This is particularly important with young children but can also be adapted to help older children and teenagers to adjust.