Keep these tips in mind when creating a parenting plan

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Caring for your children after divorce comes down to patience, love and a proper parenting plan. In Tennessee, the courts require one of these documents before signing a final divorce decree.

The attorneys here at Ken Lawson Law understand the toll a divorce can take. Creating a parenting plan that works for you and your children is the top priority. Our tips may help you start thinking about what your time with your children will look like after the decree.

Consider everyone’s schedule carefully

When drawing up a plan, you and your ex need to begin with a realistic schedule. The last thing you want is to have to change things all the time due to an unrealistic expectation of when your workday may end or how much time off you have in the summer. While a parenting plan should change over time, frequent schedule changes can send the kids the wrong message.

Think about your children first

You and your ex are divorcing for a reason, but you cannot allow that to keep you from doing what is right for your children. You may not like your ex, but doing everything possible to make him or her fail will do nothing but hurt your children.

Get ideas about what standard plans encompass

Your attorney is an excellent resource for what the plan should address. It should break down weekly schedules, how the children get to and from school, holiday deviations, etc. Every situation is unique and calls for something different. Do not believe your family is alone in needing fine print.

A parenting plan is a guideline for former spouses to file when it comes to taking care of their children post-divorce. If you need more insight into this and other family law issues, our website is an excellent resource.