What are the biggest advantages of a mediated divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2020 | Family Law |

As you and your spouse face the breakup of your marriage, neither of you likely looks forward to a protracted nasty court battle. You both wish you could find a simpler, less stressful way to get a divorce. Well, such a way exists. 

As Mediate.com explains, choosing to obtain a mediated divorce rather than a litigated one can provide you with numerous benefits, including the following: 

  • Less acrimony between you and your about-to-be former spouse 
  • Up to 60% less cost than a traditional litigated divorce 
  • The opportunity to remain in control of your lives and decisions 
  • Less stress and emotional upheaval for you, your spouse and your children during the divorce process 
  • The possibility of getting your divorce without ever having to go to court 

Mediation process 

Mediation requires that you and your spouse hire an agreed-upon mediator to become your guide and facilitator as the two of you work your way through your various issues. Neither of you must hire your own individual attorney, but you can if you wish. Keep in mind that your mediator represents neither of you, but rather serves as a completely neutral party whose only job is to help you and your spouse through the divorce process. 

Mediation consists of a series of joint meetings in a neutral location, probably your mediator’s office. You, your spouse and your mediator will attend. Here (s)he will help the two of you negotiate such issues as the following: 

  • Which of you will have primary child custody 
  • Which of you will pay the other child support 
  • Which of you, if either, will pay spousal support to the other 
  • Which of you will receive which pieces of marital property via your property settlement agreement 

Under no circumstances will your mediator allow either of you to verbally abuse or otherwise intimidate the other. (S)he will expect each of you to respect the other and negotiate in good faith.