Balancing life as an employee and a parent

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2020 | Child Custody |

Parents in Tennessee and throughout the country who work full-time jobs may feel as if they aren’t entitled to custody of their children. However, the truth is that they can retain custody or other rights to their kids by agreeing to make changes to their work schedule. Ideally, working parents will inform their employers that they will need a flexible schedule as soon as possible. This will provide them with the time needed to figure out a plan that works for the company and the parent.

Parents should be realistic when it comes to how much time that they can spend with their kids. Doing so can help to ensure that they can fulfill the promises that they make to their sons and daughters. It is also a good idea to make plans to have someone pick the child up from school or be there when the child gets home if a parent has to work late.

Individuals should understand that they cannot impose rules on their former spouses that they wouldn’t follow themselves. For instance, a person who hires a nanny to help watch a child shouldn’t be upset if their former spouses do the same. Finally, parents should understand that judges will consider the fact that having a job means that an individual may be better suited to meet a child’s financial needs.

Those who have questions about state child custody and visitation rules may want to have them answered by an attorney. Legal counsel may be able to explain how a judge could view a person’s status as the breadwinner for a family when making a child custody order. An attorney may also suggest steps a parent may take to improve his or her chances of obtaining physical custody of a child.