Staying productive at work during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2020 | Family Law |

One concern for people in Tennessee who are getting a divorce might be how to keep it from affecting them at work. The stress of this time can be compounded if a person thinks their job is in jeopardy.

Some people might make the mistake of trying to lose themselves in work. Like any other addiction, becoming a workaholic does not solve problems and can actually make them worse. The person might assume they are excelling in their productivity, but the reality is that they are not dealing with their problems. What might in fact be a more productive approach is taking time off and working to establish new routines.

Some people might wonder whether it would be helpful to talk to a supervisor or to coworkers. This depends a great deal on the workplace. Some managers could be understanding and some colleagues might offer support. In other environments, this could backfire. It might be inappropriate to share this information with a supervisor, and colleagues in a competitive workplace might use it against an individual.

Instead, a person might want to work on understanding and forgiveness. This means looking at their own role what led to the divorce. It also means self-forgiveness as well as forgiveness directed at the spouse.

One reason that making an effort to deal with emotional issues may be worthwhile is that the couple might want to try to negotiate an agreement for property division and child custody instead of going to court. Couples may want to enter mediation, which is a process that aims to resolve conflict and help the individuals come to an agreement that satisfies both of them. This can help reduce the impact of the divorce on work since it is usually less time-consuming than litigation. It is also usually cheaper and less stressful.