Avoiding common errors people make when getting a divorce

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Tennessee couples who are getting a divorce may face complications and challenges. For the process to go smoothly, it is important to avoid frequently common problems. These crop up in a significant number of divorces and can be financial, legal and personal.

Recognize mistakes people make during a divorce

Every divorce is different, but there are fundamental errors that occur. Financially, people may think they can find a way to maintain the same lifestyle they had during the marriage. Often, this is unrealistic as two incomes become one and expenses that were previously shared are left to one person. Communication between the parties is still necessary even if they are getting a divorce. In contentious divorces, that can be stressful, but civility is needed to complete the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Legally, there are terms like equitable distribution that should be understood. People who think marital assets are split evenly must learn that equitable distribution means assets are divided in a way that the court deems fair. That might not be 50/50. Taxes may spark a dispute as to which parent can claim children. This must be negotiated. Finally, married couples will likely have joint accounts. That includes bank accounts, retirement accounts, credit cards and more. If one spouse decides to stop making payments, tries to run up bills or behaves recklessly, it can cause headaches for the other spouse.

Having legal representation can be helpful

These issues tend to arise in any divorce, not just those in which the parties are acrimonious. Being fully prepared is a useful strategy. For help with a divorce, all its aspects and potential problems, having legal advice may be essential. Consulting with a qualified legal professional is a wise first step.