Questions that are often asked during child custody hearings

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During a child custody hearing in Tennessee, a judge will ask the parents questions to determine the best outcome for the child. While most judges would prefer to award joint custody to both parents, they might take a different approach if they hear convincing evidence. Here are some of the common questions that are asked at child custody hearings.

Questions about income

The judge will frequently ask both parents about their financial situation to ensure the parents can provide food, shelter, clothes and education for their child. If a parent is requesting shared or full custody, they should bring evidence of their income to prove that they can provide for the child. The judge might also take the parents’ debts into consideration when making a decision.

Questions about living arrangements

During a child custody hearing, the judge might ask the parents what kind of arrangement they’re seeking. If a parent is seeking full custody, they should provide evidence showing that the other parent is unfit to raise a child. The judge might also ask the parents how often they communicate with each other. If the judge plans on awarding joint custody, they’ll want to be sure that the parents are capable of speaking with each other and acting in the child’s best interests.

Getting legal assistance with child custody hearings

By hiring a lawyer, a parent could prepare for an upcoming child custody hearing. The lawyer might be able to help the parent gather evidence that proves they deserve full or shared custody. They could help the parent figure out which arrangement is best for the child. In court, the lawyer will aim to negotiate for a fair agreement.