Should you hire a financial planner during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2020 | Family Law |

Getting divorced in Tennessee is more than an emotional strain. It’s also a massive strain on your assets and finances. And if you’re not used to managing your own finances, you might have no idea how to negotiate for assets in a divorce. Here’s why you might want to consider hiring a financial planner.

Why should you hire a financial planner during your divorce?

When you file for divorce, you might think that you don’t need a financial planner if you already have an attorney. However, a financial planner can offer special services that help you successfully negotiate for your share of the assets.

If you weren’t the one managing the finances in your marriage, you might have no clue where to begin. A financial planner can help you collect financial documents and analyze your finances. They can educate you about your investments, savings account, retirement fund and more.

Additionally, a financial planner can continue to help you after the divorce is finalized. They can help you build a budget and live within your means. Your financial planner can also help you plan for retirement, save for your children’s education and complete other essential tasks. A financial planner can teach you how to be financially independent for the first time in your life.

Where can you find legal guidance during a divorce?

During the divorce process, you might wish to hire an attorney for legal guidance. An attorney may help you value your assets and ensure that you’re getting a fair share in the divorce. They might also help you protect separate properties that shouldn’t be divided during the divorce process.

Additionally, an attorney might help you navigate the complicated world of child support and visitation rights. If you want to shoot for full custody, they might help you build a case and protect your rights.