Dispelling myths about divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2020 | Family Law |

Although divorce is very common, many people in Tennessee are misinformed about it. There are a lot of persistent myths about divorce in American culture. Generally, they revolve around serious matters surrounding children, finances and interpersonal skills. Dispelling some of these ideas can help everyone understand the issue of divorce more clearly.

Children and divorce

Many people have a hopeful belief that children don’t really suffer when their parents split up. In fact, some believe that people should divorce rather than subject their children to a hostile environment with lots of arguments. The children of divorced parents are also more likely to experience difficulties in their relationships and divorce themselves someday.

Cohabitation and divorce

There’s also an idea that people who live together before marrying are less likely to divorce. People see the situation as being similar to taking a test drive before buying a car. But the statistics don’t bear this out. Couples that cohabit before marriage are actually more likely to get divorced. This may be because they have fewer conservative values and do not see divorce as taboo.

Gender and divorce

Another stereotype surrounding divorce is that men file when they become bored or hit a midlife crisis. The truth is that well over 50% of American divorces are initiated by women. This is true in both same- and opposite-sex marriages. Part of the problem in heterosexual marriages is that men act out more than women. For example, they are more likely to fight and use drugs than women.

Whatever the reasons for a divorce, it’s important to find good representation during one. Lawyers are advocates for their clients. They help people restart their lives on their terms.