How can you handle high-conflict co-parenting?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | Child Custody |

High-conflict co-parent can make the parent’s life challenging and it can have a negative impact on the children. It’s best if the parents can work things out so that there isn’t a lot of drama when the kids are around.

Knowing strategies that might quell some of this may be beneficial for everyone involved. 

Always clarify talking points

Miscommunication is one of the biggest factors that can have a negative impact on co-parenting situations. It’s better to always clarify points that you aren’t sure about so that you know how to respond. There is a time when respectful communication will become important because it doesn’t need to seem like you’re interrogating each other. 

Leave the past alone

The past belongs in the past. You don’t need to bring up the things that happened at the end of your marriage don’t need to be part of the child custody matters unless they impact the kids directly. While it can be difficult to let the emotions about the past go, it can make things a lot easier when it comes to child custody decisions. 

Keep the focus on the children

The children should be the focus of all communication between you and your child’s co-parent. This enables you to do what’s in the child’s best interests, especially if you and the other parent can work things out together. 

Another thing that can help with co-parenting situations is to have a solid parenting plan. This enables you to have written documentation about many of the common factors in the child custody situation. You should include dispute resolution methods in it to make it easier to settle things when they come up.