The benefits of trying to agree with your spouse during divorce

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When you were first married, agreeing with each other probably came easy. You were both willing to compromise to ensure the other’s happiness. When your marriage reaches the stage that you can no longer agree on anything, divorce is almost inevitable.

The problem is that to end your marriage, decisions need to be made. These can include how you split property and how you look after any children you have. Many people cannot agree on how to settle these issues. So they take their issues to court and allow a judge to lay down the rules about their futures. They must then abide by these rules, regardless of whether they agree with them or not.

 Mediation helps you keep control in your divorce

Mediation allows you and your spouse to try and reach an agreement on how you settle your divorce. It does not always work, yet it is worth a try. After all, this is your life you are talking about. Why permit a judge to tell you how life will be?

A mediator is trained to help people who cannot agree to agree

When you agree to divorce mediation, both you and your spouse commit to finding a solution. You do not need to do it alone. You will have the help of a trained mediator. Their job is to help you find common ground.


You will each have your own attorney as well. Marital problems may blur the ability of you and your spouse to see things clearly. An attorney can act as a clear lens through which to see things. They can guide you on the laws that would apply if you did choose to go to litigation.