Tips for telling your children about an upcoming divorce

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As a parent, divorce is not just something between you and your spouse. Your kids are going to be affected by the split in many ways. 

Telling the children that you’re going to get a divorce can be one of the most important parts of the process for parents. The way you approach this conversation can help define how your children view the situation and how they respond to it. 

These tips can help you explain your divorce to your children

With your goal of always putting the children first, here are a few tips that you may want to keep in mind:

  • Let them ask questions. This shouldn’t be a one-sided conversation. Let the kids respond, react and process what you are saying. It can take time, but they need to feel like they can talk to you.
  • Get your entire family together. Not only is it best for you and your spouse to present a united front and a positive spin on the situation, but it is best for families with multiple children to have them all there at once.
  • Do not add pressure by starting the conversation without enough time. Pick an open-ended time, like a Saturday afternoon, so that you can talk to them for as long as they need.

Give them honest answers. If one of you plans to leave the family home, tell them — and make sure they understand where they fit into the plans. Children are often most concerned about where they’ll live and who they’ll live with. You may not know 100% how this will play out yet, but give them as much information as you can. 

After talking to the children about your divorce and getting things started, it is time to consider all of the legal options you have to continue putting them first.