3 steps that can help you qualify for more parenting time

On Behalf of | May 1, 2022 | Child Custody |

Breakups and divorces in Tennessee force parents to make difficult decisions. Sometimes, because you struggled with the divorce or have a very strained relationship with your ex, their claims in family court could drastically limit your parenting time. 

If the Tennessee courts were worried about your ability to be a safe and stable presence in the lives of your children, they might have limited you to visitation only or even required supervision for your time with the children.

Thankfully, Tennessee will modify custody orders when circumstances change. How do you convince the courts to give you more parenting time? 

Take a parenting class

If the state removes children from a family’s custody, one of the first things parents have to do in the reunification process is often to complete educational courses. When you want to show your commitment to time with your children, voluntarily undergoing parenting education can help demonstrate your sincerity. 

Address the issues that affected your rights

Did your ex raise concerns about your temporary housing arrangements as a reason why the children couldn’t stay with you? Was your lack of income and inability to provide necessities like clothing for the children the issue? 

When you address the specific concerns that made the courts worry about your parenting abilities, you can demonstrate your commitment to your children. That can cause the court to be willing to take another look at the situation.

Seek professional counseling

Especially if your situation involved allegations of abuse, mental health issues or chemical dependence, going to therapy to address some of the issues that may have affected your parenting can show the courts that you want to be a better parent. The more steps you take to become a better parent, the stronger your case for a modification will be. 

Getting more parenting time with your children may require a long-term plan, but the relationship you rebuild with them will be worth the effort.