The do’s and don’ts of preparing for a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Family Law |

The decision to divorce a spouse is not an easy one. Life is bound to change drastically.

However, divorce is the best way out in some situations, such as if your partner is abusive, adulterous or neglectful. When you finally decide that there is no going back, here is what you need to do.

Do not necessarily inform your spouse immediately

It may be wise to hold that thought for a minute, work in the background and only let them know after you’ve laid the necessary groundwork. This definitely applies if you believe your safety may be at risk after telling them.

Gather financial information

Money matters in a divorce, and you should pay close attention to it. Compile the important financial documents such as bank details, business records and other related information to get a clear picture of the marital estate.

Being aware of all the assets you jointly own and their values is crucial as it will help you navigate the property division phase of the divorce and avoid cases of hidden assets.

Do not post reckless statements on social media

Your activity on social media may come back to haunt you. Therefore, avoid making negative statements about your ex or posting anything that can work against you. Your social media activity, which can be presented as evidence in a divorce court, may influence alimony, child support and custody decisions.

Get help early enough

It is wise to have legal representation as soon as possible, even before the divorce proceedings begin. The proper guidance will help safeguard your legal rights and ensure you get what you deserve when it’s all said and done.