Are your in-laws making your divorce more difficult? 

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Family Law |

Your long-term relationship has come to an end. This is something that can be very difficult to come to terms with. 

Fortunately, the end of a relationship can also be viewed as a new beginning and both you and your spouse can come through the other side eventually. That being said, divorce is never easy, and the last thing you need is for anyone else to interfere or make matters worse. 

Unfortunately, this can happen. Your in-laws appear to be trying to make things as difficult as possible for you. What are your options in such a scenario

Think of it from their side 

You always got along well with your in-laws and this sudden change has taken you by surprise. Remember, it’s probably not personal. You have children so are able to fully understand how strong the need to be protective is. This is all your in-laws are doing for their adult children. If possible, try to take a business-like approach to the divorce and refrain from taking things personally. In time, everything should settle down. 

Find that common ground 

You and your spouse have numerous disagreements and the same applies to your in-laws. But you have children, grandchildren and a family together. This means that you are always going to have some common ground- the security and happiness of the children. Try to keep this at the center of divorce proceedings. It should give you a platform to build bridges from. 

Of course, despite your best efforts, situations can still occasionally get out of hand. If your in-laws are interfering with your rights at all, then you need to take action. Having legal guidance behind you from start to finish will help to keep conflict during your divorce to a minimum.