January has a reputation for divorce

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January is the start of a new year, and it’s a chance for many people to start fresh. They make resolutions, they set goals and they try to stick to them. They want to improve their lives and make big changes. Sure, they could do this any time during the year, but the new year gives them the incentive to finally make the big changes they’ve been thinking about. 

For many people, these big changes include getting divorced. January has been labeled “divorce month,” and there is always something of a spike in divorce statistics when it arrives. But wanting a fresh start is just one of the reasons that people will decide to file for divorce in January. What are some of the other common reasons? 

The children return to school.

Another reason is that children have probably been on break for two or three weeks over Christmas and the other holidays. They go back to school in January. This means that parents often feel like they have a lot more free time to start the divorce process. It is also easier to create alone time where they can talk about the divorce without their children around.

Holiday avoidance

Additionally, parents tend not to want to break the divorce news during the holiday season. They may not want to put their spouse or children through that over the holidays. They may simply not want to have a lot of conversations with friends and extended family members about an upcoming divorce. Waiting until January just seems to make sense because everything will be easier and there will be less stress.

If you do decide to get divorced this January, be sure you know what legal options you have.