Helping You Assert Your Rights

As a man going through a family law matter, you may feel as though you are at a disadvantage. You’ve heard that the system has traditionally favored women, that old values and familial roles form some biases inside the courtroom.

You have heard of newer fathers’ rights movements, but your concerns reach farther than child custody matters. At Ken Lawson Law, we understand that divorce can be particularly trying for men. We take special care in representing our male clients and fight to protect their interests and rights.

What Are Men’s Rights?

As you know, the term fathers’ rights refers to matters involving the rights of dads and their children. Men going through divorce proceedings have other concerns and matters to consider. For us, the term men’s rights encompass all financial-related matters within a family law case. Our lawyer works to ensure that you are treated equally under the law. When it comes to financial matters, we can ensure that your voice is heard. We assist with all financial matters, including:

Traditionally, men were breadwinners and women stayed home to care for the house and children. As the roles of men and women evolved, laws and decisions changed to accommodate this new way of thinking. We will fight to make sure your role in your child’s life is accurately reflected and that you are treated fairly at the negotiating table and in the courtroom.

Strategic Planning And Tough Litigation

We understand that your financial stability is at stake. Our attorney wants to set you up for the best possible future. This means attaining a deep understanding of the needs of you and your family. We will answer your questions, explain calculation procedures as stated by the law, and advise you of your options. We always strive to set clear expectations so that you can make the best decision for your family and future.

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