How to navigate your divorce smoothly

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At Ken Lawson Law, we understand that the end of a marriage and the looming presence of the Tennessee divorce court can create emotional trauma and anxiety for anyone. There are ways you may be able to lessen the stress and smooth the process, though.

The American Psychological Association offers these tips for having a healthy divorce:

  1. Commit to cooperation and communication

During divorce negotiations, negative emotions can derail the best intentions. Communication is essential, though. Making a list of topics ahead of time and sticking to this “script” can help keep the conversation on track. If you can approach the discussion as a business discussion rather than a battlefield, cooperation may become less fraught with intense feelings.

  1. Consider mediation

When communication breaks down, a neutral third party can give the discussion some perspective. A mediator can also provide information about realistic expectations that may help lessen conflict. Studies show that mediation is emotionally beneficial for the children of the marriage as well as spouses.

  1. Put the children’s needs first

Research indicates that conflict harms children more than divorce, but there is a transition period of about two years in most cases. You and the other parent can ease your children’s transition by following these guidelines:

  • Sit down together calmly to tell the children about the divorce
  • Give your children time to adjust to the news before making any major changes
  • Ensure that each of you maintains a healthy relationship with the children

More information about ways to reduce the stress of divorce is available on our webpage.