Different financial perspectives may lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2024 | Family Law |

When a couple decides to get divorced, money may be one of the top reasons for the end of the marriage. Many divorces come from financial stress, and this is one of the reasons that couples are more likely to get divorced after job loss. 

But it is not just a lack of money that causes problems in the relationship. Merely the way that people view money can create a rift between them. This difference in perspective, when they cannot find a compromise, could end the marriage.

Why is this so serious? 

You may be surprised that perspectives on money could be serious enough to end a marriage, but the key thing to remember is how it impacts the couple’s ability to cooperate and work together. When they see money very differently, they end up working against one another. This conflict is the root cause of the stress in the marriage, and it goes beyond the money itself.

For example, imagine that saving money is very important to you as you try to create financial security in your life. You like to think about the future and the big picture. But if your spouse likes spending money, you will constantly feel like they are wasting the money you have worked so hard to save. It’s not just that they don’t see things your way; it feels like they are actively working against your goals.

It isn’t that your spouse’s perspective is wrong, or that yours is. It’s just that the two of you have different goals. This is one example of how money can lead to a divorce, and you need to make sure you understand all of your legal options if you find yourself in this position.