What happens with incarceration and child support?

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If you receive child support but the other parent is in prison or jail in Tennessee, you may wonder what happens. This is a situation where nobody wins because CNN explains that you will not likely receive any child support during the other parent’s incarceration, but the amount owed continues to add up, creating a substantial debt for the other parent. It is a situation that leaves many families in a difficult situation.

The child support obligation does not go away when a parent has no means by which to pay, as is the case when someone is in prison or jail. This means that by the time he or she serves the sentence and leaves the detention center, the amount of back child support is so large that it causes issues. It means once the parent gets a job, most of the money will go to child support, leaving little or no money to find a place to live and reintegrate back into society successfully.

There are some services in some areas that may help the parent. You may also be able to help. It is possible for you to forgive some of the back child support balance. While you may feel that it is not fair and your child should get the money, think of it like this. If you lessen the burden on the other parent, then it is more likely he or she will find employment and keep working, which means continued payments.

When a person works but barely brings home anything, they are not likely to continue working that job. Often what happens is the person starts working under the table, which means you will not get any child support payments.

Working with the other parent may be the best solution to help ensure your payments keep coming. This information is for education and is not legal advice.