What you should know about joint custody

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2020 | Child Custody |

Divorce cases take on a complex dimension when child custody is involved. In particular, parents who share joint custody in Tennessee may wonder how to make the arrangement work. Relationships between ex-spouses could be contentious. Still, both parents likely want to do what is best for their children.

Working together to make sure joint child custody goes smoothly could make life easier for ex-spouses. More importantly, doing so might be better for the children involved. Be mindful that the focus should always be on the child. Custody is not about appeasing parents or their needs. Joint custody centers on doing what is best for the children. Parents must keep this fact in mind to ensure things work out well.

Words mean things, and they can cause harm. When interacting with a child, consider it wise to never speak poorly of the other parent. Sadly, there are instances where one spouse has been done severely wrong by an ex. Regardless, talking poorly about a parent to a child can create significant emotional problems. Remember, the child does love both parents.

A good spouse can be a good parent, and a terrible spouse can also be a good parent. That is a fact some people don’t always realize or accept. One parent may have terrible, justified feelings about his or her ex. That being said, the ex could be a terrific parent who loves and cares for his or her child deeply.

Communication could solve a great many problems. When two ex-spouses have issues with one another or concerns about visitation, talking it out might alleviate the tension. Even if the relationship remains difficult, seeking ways to communicate effectively may be worthwhile.

Attorneys who practice family law could assist with enforcing all custody rules and arrangements. If something isn’t right, a lawyer may bring the matter up in court. An attorney could petition the court for sole instead of joint custody. He or she may provide evidence that sole custody is warranted.