How you can develop an amicable parenting schedule after divorce

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Even the friendliest divorces in Tennessee upset the lives of everyone one involved. The parents need to establish new routines while the kids need to get used to living with one parent at a time. Making this transition as smooth as possible will benefit the entire family. Here is how you can make a schedule that will work for you, your ex-spouse and your kids.

Include these considerations

Remember that it’s all about the kids. Going back and forth between homes isn’t easy, so consider the logistics and try to live as close to one another as possible to minimize travel. Make sure that you both can accommodate your kids’ schedules involving sports and other activities. If practical, ask your kids what they want.

Avoid parental convenience as your goal because, once again, it’s all about the kids. You should never focus on winning or losing or using the schedule for revenge. At the same point, don’t assume that you are the only qualified parent. Always make sure that you specify conditions instead of assuming that they will be met.

Give the schedule a test run

Even when everyone agrees, the schedule just isn’t practical sometimes. Small, unforeseen problems may pop up that require adjustments. You could take up to a month to try an arrangement and then reevaluate any possible changes.

What happens if you can’t work out a schedule?

Divorcing couples have a couple of options in these circumstances. Both parents can sit down together with their family law attorneys and try to work out an acceptable parenting time schedule. Another possibility involves bringing in a mediator to point out possible solutions. When all else fails, you might ask your attorney to set a court date to have a Tennessee judge decide on a schedule that both parents must follow.