Why do some people wait until January to file for a divorce?

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A marriage could fall apart for any number of reasons and may do so suddenly. Attempts to predict when a couple’s marriage will reach a breaking point might be difficult. However, statistics show that many married couples in Tennessee and elsewhere file for divorce in January. January even garners the moniker of “divorce month” due to the data showing the first month of the year may see a divorce filing increase from the previous month.

January may lead a spouse to take a step towards separation

January remains a month known for resolutions. Whether choosing to buy a new car or go on a diet, a “January decision” often involves taking steps to do something finally. January may become the month where someone decides it is time for a change in the new year. For someone dealing with a problematic marriage, January’s arrival could motivate actions to file for divorce.

Someone dealing with a verbally abusive spouse or one who continually runs up debt could become too much for the other partner to bear. Perhaps the married couple continued to drift apart, communicate less and spent even less time together the prior year. January may bring forth daunting thoughts of one more year of unhappiness. Those thoughts might translate into steps to file for a divorce.

Before and after the new year

Married couples with families may wish to wait until the holiday season ends before filing for divorce. Some might not want to disrupt their children’s Halloween or Thanksgiving festivities, either. Waiting until January may prove acceptable, depending on the spouse’s situation.

The decision to wait to divorce a spouse may also come with concerns about finding a new place to live, hiring a new accountant and other things. Such steps could require time and planning.

January finds itself dubbed “divorce month” for several reasons. Anyone considering filing for divorce may wish to speak to an attorney.