Dealing with custody order violations

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Suppose you have a custody agreement issued by the court that grants you visitation rights to spend time with your children. However, your spouse is not too pleased with that arrangement, probably owing to your differences, and they end up taking actions that prevent you from seeing your kids.

It means that your relationship with the kids is at stake, and since you are no longer in the picture, you may not know how well they are faring under the other parent. So what is the best way to handle such a situation?

Have you tried talking to them?

Dialogue may solve most of the issues, especially if you are on good terms with your ex-spouse. If not, consider involving a mediator to settle your differences. It is a quick and efficient way of handling slight differences such as pent-up emotions from the divorce. In addition, your differences will not play out in public, unlike with outright confrontations.

What can you do if dialogue fails?

Your next option is to turn to the court to enforce the custody orders. Remember, child custody orders are just like any other instructions issued by a court of law, which must be followed. The judge will review the circumstances of your case and the evidence presented before reaching a conclusion. Your co-parent may be penalized for constantly violating custody orders or even have their custodial rights withdrawn.

Protect your parental rights

You have a right to be involved in your child’s life. If your co-parent is infringing upon those rights, it may be time to act. Anticipating these kinds of problems and other challenges that are likely to arise along the way will keep you in a better position and ensure your parental rights are upheld.