Divorced dads should be fully present in their kids’ lives

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When their parents divorce, children can suffer from the effects. However, parents (and sometimes, the courts) can do much to mitigate any fall-out from the divorce so it least disrupts the kids’ lives.

One of those ways is ensuring that the father remains fully involved in his children’s lives, barring any reason that would make him unfit or detrimental to their best interests.

Dads lay the groundwork for children’s future relationships

When a boy watches his father’s interactions with his mother and other women in his life, it teaches him how to treat his own female partners once he’s an adult. Modeling civil and respectful actions and words toward women will positively influence the boy’s own interactions and, hopefully, create healthy relationships.

Girls whose fathers treat them lovingly and support their emotional development will typically be drawn to kind and nurturing men in their own intimate relationships down the line. If they grow up feeling devalued by their fathers, they may unconsciously repeat those destructive patterns as adults.

Fight for your rights as a father

Divorce may split up a couple, but the bonds between a father and his child should still stay strong. When negotiating custody arrangements with your co-parent, insist on terms that give you liberal time with your kids. 

After a couple of first separates, emotions are running high. It can be tempting to draw your line in the sand and try to sideline the other parent. Resist taking the low road and explore the concept of mediating your divorce. Mediation can lead to the most favorable custody terms because it doesn’t rely on the court to determine the outcome. Instead, it allows both parents to keep their kids’ best interests foremost in the custody arrangements.