Rules for social media during your divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Family Law |

Getting a divorce is something that can be an extremely delicate and complex process to navigate. A single mistake or oversight can be enough to cost you dearly in matters such as custody agreements, asset division, and child support and alimony. One of the most common areas in that a divorcing spouse can make a mistake in would be on social media. To help protect your best interests throughout your divorce, here are rules for social media that you should follow:

Determine who can see your accounts

Many people cannot say with any certainty what their privacy settings are for their social media accounts. After reading this, take a moment to review your accounts and make sure your accounts are not visible to just anyone. By limiting your accounts visibilities to only your friends, you can restrict the amount of prying eyes that are looking into your personal matters.

Update your passwords

Social media accounts often have vulnerable information that could even have the potential to damage your position in your divorce. As soon as you are aware of your divorce, change the passwords on all your social media accounts even if you do not think anyone else knows them. By updating the security on these accounts, you can protect your privacy from those who would do you harm.

Eliminate untrustworthy followers

Although you have limited your account visibility to just your friends, you may have “friends” that you do not want to see in your private life anymore. Take a moment to view your list of friends and remove anyone that you think could be spying on your profiles and sharing the information with the wrong people.

Limit your sharing

The less you say on social media during your divorce, the better. There is nothing to be gained from telling everyone you know sensitive information that could damage the outcome of your divorce. Instead, limit your conversations about your divorce to just your attorney.