Common misconceptions about fathers’ rights post-divorce

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Divorce results in significant changes to the family dynamic. As a father, it’s possible that you have had to move out of the family home and find your own place (although this isn’t always the case).

It’s natural to be concerned about your rights as a father. Your anxiety may have been heightened by some of the common misconceptions in circulation about fathers’ rights. It’s vital to obtain accurate information on this subject so that you can make informed decisions about your circumstances.

Myth: Custody rulings always favor the mother

One common misconception is that the father of a child is always an afterthought in custody cases. This is certainly not true. The gender of the parent is not a deciding factor in custody proceedings. Rather, the court is solely focused on the best interests of the child. If it would be in the best interests of the child to live with their father, then it is not out of the question that the court will approve such an arrangement.

Myth: The father must always pay child support

Another common myth is that fathers are always obliged to pay child support. The family court will do its best to ensure that a child has the financial support that they need, but these decisions are not based on gender. Instead, the court will assess the financial circumstances of each parent and draw conclusions based on the earnings and resources of each parent.

These are just some of the most notable myths surrounding fathers’ rights post-divorce. As a concerned father, it will benefit you to seek legal guidance proactively so that you can move forward in informed and supported ways.