Your options when dealing with parental alienation 

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Parental alienation is when one parent undermines the child’s relationship with the other. This often results in the child’s rejection or hostility towards the targeted parent. 

Dealing with parental alienation requires careful consideration and understanding of available legal options. Here are some options to consider when addressing parental alienation in Tennessee.

Legal intervention

Tennessee recognizes the impact of parental alienation on the child and the importance of maintaining a meaningful relationship with both parents. The law allows for legal intervention in cases of parental alienation. This law allows the alienated parent to seek remedies through the court system to protect their parental rights. 

Mediation and counseling

Before taking legal action, the court may encourage parents to participate in mediation or counseling to address the underlying issues causing parental alienation. Mediation works to open communication and find amicable solutions. All this is done in the best interest of the child. 

Modification of parenting plan

If mediation and counseling fail, the targeted parent can petition the court to modify the parenting plan. Modifications are allowed when a substantial change in circumstances affects the child’s best interests, including situations involving parental alienation.

Appointment of Guardian ad Litem

In more severe cases of parental alienation, the court may appoint a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) to represent the child’s best interests. The GAL investigates the situation, gathers information, and recommends the appropriate course of action to the court.

Remember, the court’s focus in parental alienation cases is the child’s best interests. Gathering evidence, maintaining documentation and presenting a compelling case demonstrating alienation and its impact on the child’s well-being is crucial.

Addressing parental alienation requires persistence, patience and a commitment to acting in the child’s best interests. By seeking legal recourse and working within the framework of the law, targeted parents can take steps toward resolving parental alienation and rebuilding their relationship with their child.