Mediation can benefit those divorcing due to marital misconduct

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Divorce mediation allows people to settle their disagreements outside of court. Successful mediation can speed up divorce proceedings and decrease the expenses generated during a divorce.

People often think of mediation as an ideal solution for those in low-conflict divorces. Those divorcing due to a very personal issue, like marital misconduct, may feel like litigation is their best option. However, that isn’t necessarily the case. Mediation can actually be a very useful tool for those facing a divorce related to significant marital misconduct.

Mediation lets people discuss the big issues

Marital misconduct could include financial infidelity where someone spends money on gambling or shopping sprees. It might involve romantic infidelity if one spouse cheats on the other. Substance abuse issues and even domestic violence could also be the underlying reason that someone files for divorce.

Discussing those matters in open court may not seem like the best solution, even for the spouse not accused of misconduct. What people talk about in court usually becomes part of the public record. That is not the case for discussion during divorce mediation. Couples can openly discuss marital issues in mediation knowing that those conversations will remain confidential. Particularly when there are financial repercussions to someone’s misconduct or concerns about safety for custody matters, it may be very important to thoroughly review the issues that led to the divorce.

The privacy of mediation can make it easier for spouses to achieve a fair and reasonable outcome during a divorce related to significant misconduct. Using the right tools while navigating a Tennessee divorce can make the process less stressful for the entire family.