Virtual visitation can help if you travel frequently

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2024 | Child Custody |

Custody arrangements can be difficult when parents travel a lot. If both parents live near the children after a divorce and they both have similar work schedules, then it may be relatively straightforward to set up a custody schedule where the children move back and forth between the homes. But if one spouse travels often for work or for pleasure, that can change things.

For example, perhaps you want to have custody of your children, but you have to travel for business. Maybe you’re a performer, a professional athlete or an executive with a tech company that does business all over the globe. Your children aren’t going to be traveling with you, so a back-and-forth custody schedule wouldn’t make any sense.

How virtual visitation gives you other options

What you may want to do, then, is focus on a custody schedule where your ex lives with the children most of the time. When you are home from your travels, you can also have parenting time and stay involved with your children.

But while you are away, you can use virtual visitation options like talking on the phone, sending text messages, using FaceTime or another video chat service, and things of this nature. You will feel much more connected to your children even if you just have a 30-minute conversation on Skype every evening. This can help keep your relationship strong, even when you can’t see them as frequently as you would like.

If virtual visitation is going to be part of your child custody plan, then it’s important to know how to set that plan up. Carefully consider all the legal steps you need to take to ensure you still get to be involved with your children after the divorce.